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Customer Service

Positive and effective customer service is essential to all organisations’ success and sustainability. Clients and customers more often than not make decisions to engage, purchase and return based upon how well they are treated by the point of contact person.

We offer a range of customer service training options, more importantly we develop training packages that suit your business or organisation. Either based around unit standards or built with your organisation purely in mind our customer service training can deliver tangible improvements in individual’s performance in customer service.

Some of our options are:

Introductory Customer Service

People completing this course should be able to establish and maintain positive customer service interactions in accordance with organisational procedures.

Intermediate Customer service

This course encourages participants to engage in a range of customer service environments and maintain positive customer service interactions. Covers personal presentation, telephone technique as well as positive customer communication.

Advanced Customer Service

This course involves sales and communication techniques in a sales /retail environment. Includes upselling and providing sales methods to increase sales and the profitability of transactions.

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