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The Learning Place has an advanced learning platform where we train over 5000 learners in different industries annually, on a range of different topics. It is fun, engaging and easy to use. Each course is complete with interesting lessons and activities followed by an assessment. Successful achievement of the assessment will result in credits being loaded onto the student’s NCEA record of learning.

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These courses contribute towards students’ NCEA, where they earn credits after successfully achieving assessments.

The Learning Place is an NZQA registered and accredited training provider. We deliver vocational education to over 400 secondary schools across New Zealand, annually as well as online courses to meet industry compliance. The Learning Place train students in practical skills such as hospitality, retail, and security; alongside essential skills like communication, leadership and resilience.

Please see our current list below. (We will be adding to these in the coming days and weeks)

Essential Employment Skills

These important skills are what employers for in school leavers and job seekers. The ability to be able communicate effectively with workmates and participate in teams actively creates opportunities for employment success.

Demonstrate knowledge of time management - Unit  12349 – Level 2 Credits 3 - $100 + gst

An essential skill that forms the basis of success in the workplace. Essential for any student entering the workforce. Students will learn time management methods and how to apply them.     

Describe teams and team leadership -Unit 27563 –Level 3 Credits 4 -  $100 + gst

Part of our teamwork course this unit provides an understanding of teams how they work. What team leadership means adds to students work readiness. We have so much feedback from employers that want team players and  understand what it means for a school leaver to engage in teams properly in the workplace.

Demonstrate knowledge of performance management -Unit  24874 – Level 3 Credits 4 -  $100 + gst

A part of our Leadership course, knowledge of performance management provides a solid basis for taking leadership roles in the workplace. Another great soft skill that employers value.

Produce a personal targeted CV (curriculum vitae) - 4252 - Level 2 Credits 2 - $100 + gst

When applying for a job it is essential that a CV is a positive and strategic image of the applicant. This unit teaches candidates how to craft a CV for any job they are applying for. Learn how to stand out from other applicants.

Demonstrate and apply knowledge of communication process theory - 9694 - Level 3 Credits 4 - $100 + gst

This course is all about communicating effectively and understanding how the communication process works. Using communication scenarios candidates are able to  examine these situations in terms of the communication process

Hospitality Skills

We deliver a range of practical hospitality courses into secondary schools across the country. These courses are the theory parts of these practical courses. Students will be able to gain core knowledge to take into the workplace.

 Licence Controller Qualification Unit 4646  - Level 4 Credits 2 and 16705 Level 4 Credits 3 - $165

The Licence Controller Qualification is the required training for people applying for their Managers Certificate to manage licensed premises in bars, restaurants and off licences. Hospitality employers feel more secure if team member have their Licence Controller qualification a sit minimises risk to their business, employees and customers.

Demonstrate knowledge of coffee origin and production –Unit  17284 –Level 3 Credits 3 - $100 + gst

This really interesting unit is for people who are interested in working in the area of producing coffees. It covers knowledge of coffee origins, beans, harvesting, fair trade requirements, roasting, blending, decaffeination, and storage and handling. Great for budding baristas.

Demonstrate knowledge of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages - 14420 -  Level 3 Credits 3 - $100 + gst

This hospitality focussed course is aimed at students who would like to work as a bartender.

You will learn about the main types of alcoholic beverages found behind the bar, as well as popular non-alcoholic mixers.

You will also learn the preparation methods of some common cocktails.

Disclosure: This course includes many images and references to alcohol and alcoholic beverages. 


Health & Safety / Industry Course

All workplaces require a basic understanding of health and safety skills. These two units between them provide both basic and advanced knowledge of the application of health and safety theory in the workplace.

Demonstrate knowledge of workplace health and safety requirements – Unit 497 Level 1 Credits 3 - $100 + gst 

Essential for all part time workers and school leavers joining a workplace. This unit enables people in the workplace the ability to identify risks and responsibilities for workplace health and safety


Describe the role and functions of the Health and Safety Representative in a New Zealand Workplace – Unit 29315 Level 3 Credits 2 - $175 + gst 

This advanced unit is for people wanting to take a lead role in as a health and safety Representative in their workplace


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