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Online Schools Courses

We offer a variety of online learning via our advanced learning management system "KuraCloud" where we deliver training to over 5000 learners a year.
The courses cover a wide range of topics, including some industry specific subjects.
The courses are designed to cater for a variety of learning styles, with lessons including interactive activities, quizzes and knowledge checks.
The final assessment is submitted online to our trained assessors for feedback and marking.  Our online coordinators support and monitor learners with their progress, provide status reports to the School liaison and are available to answer any questions.

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Successful achievement of one of our online learning courses will reward the learner with NZQA Unit Standard credits. The credits can be counted towards a learner’s NCEA progress, however, are unable to be used to meet NCEA Literacy or Numeracy requirements. 

The Learning Place is a NZQA registered and accredited training provider.

We deliver vocational education to over 400 Secondary Schools, annually, across Aotearoa New Zealand.
We are also at the forefront of online, industry, compliance based training.
The Learning Place focusses on delivering practical, skills based courses in areas such as hospitality, customer service and security; alongside essential core skills such as communication, teamwork and leadership.
These readily transferable skills will give learners a real head start in life!  

Health & Safety Skills

These Health and Safety based Unit Standards are a pre-requisite for many industries. Learners will gain core Health and Safety knowledge that will set them up for any future emploment. 

Demonstrate knowledge of workplace health and safety requirements
Unit 497 - Level 1 - Credits 3 - $100 + gst 

This unit standard is an essential requirement for learners who are entering the workforce. This unit gives learners the knowledge to be able to identify risks and responsibilities for workplace health and safety.

Hospitality Skills

These theory unit standards are suitable for learners who are wanting to enter the world of hospitality and are components of our popular face to face practical courses in Bartending and Barista Training.

Demonstrate knowledge of coffee origin and production
Unit 17284 - Level 3 - Credits 3 - $100 + gst

This unit standard is part of our face to face Barista course and is suitable for learners who wish to explore the world of coffee. Learners will gain the theoretical knowledge of coffee including it's origin, harvesting, roasting, blending and storage. Perfect for a budding barista.

Demonstrate knowledge of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
Unit 14420 - Level 3 - Credits 3 - $100 + gst

This unit standard  is part of our face to face Bartending course and is suitable for learners who are wanting to enter the world of hospitality. 
Learners will gain knowledge about the main types of alcoholic beverages found behind the bar, as well as popular non-alcoholic mixers. 
Disclosure: This course includes many images and references to alcohol and alcoholic beverages. 

Essential Skills

These core units will appeal to learners who are keen to develop their work ready skills. Learners are also able to gain valuable life skills in teamwork, performance management and communication. 

Demonstrate knowledge of time management
Unit 12349 - Level 2 - Credits 3 - $100 + gst

This unit standard is for learners who wish to improve their time management skills before heading into the world of work. This core skill will help develop independence and self-management.    

Describe teams and team leadership 
Unit 27563 - Level 3 - Credits 4 - $100 + gst

This unit standard is part of our face to face teamwork course and will give learners an understanding of teams and how they work. This core skill will help develop the learner's leadership skills.

Demonstrate knowledge of performance management
Unit  24874 - Level 3 - Credits 4 - $100 + gst

This unit standard is part of our face to face leadership course. Learners will gain knowledge of performance management which can help provide learners a foundation skill for senior roles in a workplace. 

Produce a personal targeted CV (Curriculum Vitae)
Unit 4252 - Level 2 - Credits 2 - $100 + gst

This unit standard provides learners with an opportunity to create their own CV for a specific role. Learners will gain key skills that will help them secure a role in the workforce.

Demonstrate and apply knowledge of communication process theory
Unit 9694 - Level 3 - Credits 4 - $100 + gst

This unit is part of our face to face Communication course. Learners will explore the theory behind communication which can help develop learners oral communication skills.


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