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Testimonials from our students and community


Some of our students and members of the community have been kind enough to write us a testimonial.  You can find them below.

Hayley Shallard-Student

Hayley Shallard-Student

Hayley Shallard thought learning to use an espresso machine would be a good skill to have.

Although, the 17-year-old hopes to become a barrister, rather than a barista.

“I thought it would be a good life skill to have. I’d seen coffee machines before, but I’d never used one,” Hayley says.

"It’s really interesting and I’m learning a lot. It’s enlightening, learning about all the different coffees you can get. It’s been great meeting new people, too.”

Hayley plans to study law at Otago University next year.


“I’ve always been interested in criminal law and criminology.”

Meg Hurring-Student

Meg Hurring-Student

Meg Hurring (16) is a real all-rounder.

A keen horse-rider, she also keeps busy with netball, swimming and touch rugby.

Learning how to make a range of coffees on a commercial espresso machine is another string to her bow.

“I wanted to do this to learn more skills. It’s something that will look good on my CV,” Meg says.

“It’s a lot more hands-on than I thought it would be. It’s a lot more fun, too. I thought there’d be much more paperwork. It’s been really interesting.”

Meg plans to go to university, but says she has “no idea” what she will be studying, yet.

“Doing this course means I can work in cafes and get my student loan paid off.  It will be good if I travel later on, too.”

Tianna Miller-Student

Tianna Miller-Student

Tianna Miller (18)

The Learning Place’s X-Factor course teaches confidence, leadership and public speaking skills.

“I wanted to gain leadership skills and experience and the course has been really great for that,” she says.

“You learn all about interview skills and public speaking, which gives you a lot of confidence.”

Tianna’s long-term goal is to make a career in fashion design.

“I’m really interested in formal wear,” she says.

“But first, I’m going to go to Wintec in Whakatane and study midwifery.”

Careers Teacher talking about the Security Course

"Thank you for helping our students complete the Security Course. The trainer was amazing and shared his passion with the class. Well done TLP keep it up"

External Evaluators comments on The Learning Place

The Learning Place is a well-led and reflective learning organisation which actively
seeks to gather and respond to feedback in order to maintain and improve the
educational achievements of its students. Direct stakeholder testimony, survey
responses from school coordinators, and written testimonials provided from others
indicate that the governance and management of the PTE is highly effective in
meeting their needs while sustaining quality educational achievement. Growth is
being well managed and innovation is occurring,

Gateway Co-Ordinator - Speaking about the Communication and Leadership course.

Gateway Co-Ordinator - Speaking about the Communication and Leadership course.

"This course helped several of our senior students gain entry into nursing .
It also helped ,a year 13 student to obtain a Maori scholarship to attend Otago University to study Health science . She wishes to become a pharmacist.
It worked on their self confidence and demonstrated theses students ability to work in a team and their ability to solve problems .
" - Gateway Co-Ordinator.


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