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All about The Learning Place

All about The Learning Place


Education and training are part of a person’s journey to success. Starting with a  vision of where you want to be, add some motivation, grit and determination and the journey is half way there. 

 Let The Learning Place be a part of your  journey to success by providing skills, knowledge and tools to help you along the way.

Whether you are doing one of our Schools’ Courses, a Health and Safety Module or your Licence Controller Qualification online it is our responsibility to make the learning experience as accessible, professional and rewarding as we can.

Head Office is in the tropical south in sunny Dunedin and we travel across the country racking up more flying miles than Richard Pearse (you know the kiwi guy who beat the Wright Brothers to fly first) delivering our range of courses.

All of our people are industry experts so they don’t talk through a hole in their head. We invest heavily in quality assurance meaning that we stand by our training 100% and are damn proud of it!




Pieter van de Klundert

(B.A. History, B. Management and Innovation, Adult Learn Dip, member of the Institute of Directors)

Piet has the title of Director. Born and bred in tropical Dunedin, he has worked across the not for profit and for profit sector in senior management and leadership roles. He is committed to positive change in the education sector and a hell of an innovator as well. Passionate about empowering communities and individuals through education. Pieter loves his family, work, Dunedin, Cross Fit  and his dog.



Erin Thomson

(B.A., B. Tch Sec.)

Erin is our Academic Manager. Born and bred in sunny Dunedin Erin attended the University of Otago. Erin has worked in a range of hospitality and retail positions and this, along with 4 years of teaching in South Auckland, gave her the experience she needed to begin her “dream job” training for The Learning Place in 2012. As the longest serving team member Erin likes to be referred to as the Jedi Master, if a school has a question/ issue or problem she makes it her personal mission to find the solution. A step- mother every second week to an inquisitive 5-year-old and a one year old toddler, her spare time is spent with family as Chief cook, cleaner and bottle washer.



Lori Bulger

Lori is our Information Manager. She provides an orderly and systematic approach to managing the huge amounts of administrative tasks with her extensive experience in the Office management sector. This enables The Learning Place to run at optimal efficiency with primary focus on delivering excellence in the day to day running of administration. Lori is your friendly voice on the end of the phone, happy to help with any of your enquiries. Out of work she is a loving wife and mother of two, with a passion for running, and in her quiet time (which is few and far between) a glass of wine, while enjoying her Peninsula View.



Kowhai Wilkie

(BA Performing and Screen Arts, Cert. in English Literature)

Kowhai is our Trainer in the North Island - Her passion is working with youth to clarify and develop their carrer pathways. She grew up in a family of teachers and has always been inspired by the energy, creativity and potential of young people. Kowhai has a vast knowledge of the Hospitality Industry, having worked in Cafe's, Restaurants and Wineries. She used to work with youth in Northland, before starting her role as a trainer with The Learning Place. 



James Frood

James is our Trainer for the South Island - He has a vast knowledge of the Hospitality Industry, having worked in cafes, restaurants, bars and sales. James is the volounteer coach of a Christchurch rugby team and he has 2 children, which keep him busy outside of work. He enjoys sharing his industry knowledge with students during his engaging learning experiences. 



Juliane Tautz

(B.A Culinary Arts / Dip. Business Management / Cert. Adult Teaching and Tertiary Education)

Jules is our Academic support and Online developer. Born in Germany Jules came to New Zealand when she was 18 years old. Initially she just wanted to travel and see the world, but fell in love with the laid back culture and the pretty scenery.  After 5 years of constant kitchen work as a chef and a degree in Business Management, Jules decided it was time to get out of the kitchen and follow her passion for education. She completed her Adult teaching degree in 2018. In her free time Jules helps her partner renovate her house or she’s out and about with her dog.



Roxanne Rothman

( Somotology,  Cert Marketing) 

Roxanne is our Secondary and Industry Liason. Roxanne, her husband and her two year old boy came to New Zealand 2 years ago from South Africa. She has a vast knowledge in the teaching sector, as she used to work as a national manager for the part-time course devision of a skin-care college. She first joined us as the online coordinator and is now in charge of all correspondance with secondary schools and industry partners. In her free time, she lives an active life, walking the beach, skiing and picking up after her son Ollie. 



Richard Sumpter

Ricky is our Online coordinator. He joined us in 2018 and has a vast amount of Hospitality industry experience. Over the past 16 years, he worked in establishmants in Christchurch, Auckland, Timaru and Wellington before settling in Dunedin. During this time Ricky also owned and operated four businesses in the hospitality industry. Ricky has an active lifestyle with kids and dogs.



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